Blood Cleanup Narrative


For local blood cleanup, I charge $450 for small blood cleanup tasks.
Such tasks may involve blood on a kitchen floor, blood on a bathroom floor, and blood on some other nonporous surface. Blood trails also fall into "small blood cleanup" tasks. Generally, I charge less than $1000 for blood cleanup involving homicide, suicide, and unattended death when I do not have to drive a long distance, or when I do not have to take furnishings and mattresses apart.

For example, an unattended death cleanup within 50 miles of my business address usually cost less than $1000. When a king-size mattress may be involved, then I will charge more than $1000. My recent price reflects the cleaning required to remove human blood and other fluids from the mattress for transportation and disposal. I must often pay for red bag disposal, biohazard waste disposal.
Blood removal of this type requires a lot of time and hard, dangerous labor. For long-distance blood cleanup work, I charge an additional $50 for up to 150 miles from my business place. Generally, for blood cleanup beyond 150 miles, I will need to ask some questions about the blood cleanup task, the environment of blood cleanup task, and more. See Hello for additional information related to blood cleanup conditions.




My blood cleanup services remain priced for working families and those businesses in search of an affordable blood cleanup company. I have over 18 years in the blood cleanup business. I've cleaned after homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and traumatic blood loss events in 24 states. Why had cleaned and "24 states" is a long story, but I would be more than happy to share the story. You can call for blood cleanup information, like out of the blood cleanup yourself, and I will offer whatever advice that I can. There is no obligation to hire me for your blood cleanup needs.

Many people have heard unverifiable stories about blood cleanup. Yes, blood cleanup can be hazardous depending on the sources of the blood, like, from where does it come? Typically, when doing blood cleanup in the home, blood spills will come from minor accidents. In those cases that homicide, suicide, or unattended death cleanup is needed, then professional blood cleanup company may be desired. For those families that cannot hire a professional blood cleanup professional, I recommend visiting various websites that offer do-it-yourself blood cleanup information.

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